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Comment Policy for The Gragg’s Great Adventures blog

The Gragg’s Great Adventures welcomes and encourages your comments on our site. We want to foster an environment that encourages interactive dialogue. Therefore, comments should be made with the topic in mind and remain relevant. However, there are instances where your comments will be edited or deleted. The following set of guidelines has been established for post and page comments:

    •   We are not responsible for the content of blog comments made by our visitors.
    •   Comments require real names and valid emails.
    •   We utilize an efficient spam filter on this site. Therefore, comments identified as spam or questionable spam will be deleted.
    •   Personal information should not be exchanged via post or page comments that are made visible to the public.
    •   Adding links in comments to enhance or further the topic of conversation is permitted; however, off topic links will be removed.
    •   Profane, defamatory, obscene, or otherwise offensive or inappropriate language is not tolerated and will be removed.
    •   Respectful comments only. Attacks on other users are not permitted and will be deleted.
    •   Comments that are suggestive or encouraging of illegal or dangerous activity will be deleted.
    •   Violators of this policy may be banned from making further comments.

First time commenters will have exclusive moderation prior to their post being made available. However, subsequent comments will be made available immediately. Therefore, moderating these comments made require additional time if violations occur.

Administrators of this blog reserve the right to determine which comments violate our comment policy, which may be edited or deleted as a result.

We reserve the right to change, modify or update this policy at any time without notice. You are highly encouraged to review our comment policy upon visiting our website.

Thank you for complying with our comment policy. We encourage participation and look forward to an engaging and active exchange of dialogue.