Short trip

Rob and I had to make a quick trip to the cabin today to get the computer I left there last weekend. We left the girls at home in bed since Chuck was also there. It was a nice little get away for us, we were only gone three hours. I did get some pictures of the pre-fall mountains. I’m hoping to go back in a week or two so we can see the difference in the colors .









One thought on “Short trip

  1. I enjoyed your pretty pre-fall pictures. Last Monday I was raking and blowing leaves in the backyard because the weather was going to get wet. I decided to show you what fall looks like up here. I took some pictures of the hills in Kirkwood and Conklin. I was not impressed with the colors. I did get some memory pictures thanks to the snowball bush that you bought for us at that July festival in downtown Binghamton. The blooms are full and beautiful. I have to describe them because I don’t know how to send them to you. This weekend the colors are much more brilliant and there are many more on the ground to rake thanks to the rain. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

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