Vjs~Rooster Rob’s

In the month of June we will be taking over this cute little mom and pop restaurant on highway 81N in Jonesborough, TN! Its name right now is VJ’s cafe (the owner/cook’s name is Vicky Jeter) we will be changing the name to Rooster Rob’s.

Emma drew this. We are working on a logo based on the drawing.

We had a home inspection done Monday, while they were closed which gave me a great Opportunity to take pictures. Larry and Vicky have done an amazing job of making this a warm, loving, homey place to come eat breakfast. We fell in love at first sight! We hope to live up with their standards and also Eventually add lunch to the menu. The restaurant is actually in a house that was built in the 1930’s…it is very solid and in great shape for its age! Here are some pictures from the outside…Here are some dining room pictures and decorations…The furniture (minus a few pieces) is staying and some of the decorations are staying… I am sad that my pictures of the kitchen did not turn out so great…Today we got to take our first family members to see the restaurant, Rob’s brother Brent and his wife Suzy. So,of course I took more pictures…We are excited for our new adventure and we can’t wait until you all come to visit us šŸ™‚ and we ask that you keep us in your prayers as we have this life style change.


12 thoughts on “Vjs~Rooster Rob’s

  1. This looks so cute and homey! I hope it is all you want out of your own place. May the Lord bless this place and all of you. I’m happy to see the change in style. I love Emma’s logo too. We love you, Bob and Mary

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