My Saturday…

When got up this morning it just looked cold outside so when I took the dogs out I tried to capture it in a picture. It is not easy to see cold but there you go. When rob got up he said he came downstairs at 3 am to get a drink and noticed it looked like a walk in cooler outside… I thought that was a great description to what I was thinking 🙂 Anyway, after I took the dogs out I looked at the weather app and it said…I know it’s been colder, but it was just something about the way it looked… Ok enough about that 🙂I was going to try to scrapbook with Jenn C today but all I got done was uploading pictures to walgreens. Jenn on the other hand got three layouts done! Yeah Jenn!!

Apparently I love to collect tape runners 🙂

The girls played on the Wii and we played some games. I took this picture of Sophie because she is so funny always finding a heater vent to sleep by… She also lays on some.

I liked Abby's earrings today 🙂

I could not end without mentioning the weather again. It did get sunny and warm up a bit ,some of the snow melted,But now I will leave you with this …Goodnight zzzzzzzzzzz


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