First snow of 2013!

Very heavy,very wet, very pretty,very dangerous SNOW!!

When it started.

Church on the hill up the road from our house.

I took the following pictures around 4:30…

Sophie and Milly loving the snow!!

Half hour later…Rob told the girls that he thought it would be better to wait to make the snowman they were begging him to make until the snow slows up or until the morning. They did not complain they just went out and played.

Catching snowflakes on black paper.


Sophie really likes the snow!

Rob is such a great Dad… He saw the girls having so much fun he couldn’t wait to play with them so the snowman got made πŸ™‚The snow looks crazy in these pictures. It looks like it is on the lens but it is just my flash hitting off the HUGE flakes!

A neighbor offered to take a family picture... I forgot to turn the flash off so we did not end up with a good one 😦

The snow was pushing Miss O's hate down it was so heavy.

Final inch count 4 1/2 on the trampoline!

Sophie and Milly wanted to help build the snowmen.

I am very thankful Rob was off from work tonight. We had a fun snow day but I am sorry for everyone who had a hard time getting home from work and for all those who have lost power…as of 8:00 we have not lost our power. I pray we don’t but we are ready if we do…


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