Mobile Monday

Today was not a great day for mobile Monday. It was also not a good day of eating. I started the day eating pumpkin cookies with caramel frosting that I made last night. Then for lunch we went to Five Guys, I really did bad there, love their fries! For dinner we got Carraba’s to go. To top off all that bad eating I had to skip my Monday Zumba workout to help Rob clean out a storage unit…I am not complaining about helping Rob, I just don’t like missing Zumba 🙂

I got this cookie recipe on pinterest…so good!

Oh, and we also had frozen yogurt today from a new place in town call fro-z-yo. I was so bummed that I forgot to take a picture while we were there for mobile Monday, bit Abby and Olivia came to the rescue…

Miss O said that this is me eating my ice cream 🙂

She was so excited for her bread & butter and that she got 3 meatballs!!

And of course I can always count on Miss O for more pictures when I’m short…

She just does these things and says “take my picture mom”.

So how was your Monday?


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