Mobile Monday

Breakfast pop tart (or is it just a snack)

Fuzzy socks for a rainy chilly morning

I finished knitting my first scarf that matches the first hat I knitted!

Miss O has claimed them 🙂

Abby’s scarf keeps growing.

Emma’s lunch…a large sub roll and a bag of chips!

How she eats it!

Starting a new project .

Miss O put on a show!

Practicing her glockenspiel.

Bubble tea 🙂

Monday workout!

What Amy posted on Facebook.

My dinner .

That is all for this Monday? How was your day?


2 thoughts on “Mobile Monday

  1. Dinner looks delicious…isn’t that the chicken you were supposed to eat last night?
    The scarf looks great..awesome job!
    Did the bubble tea come from that same place as last time? Or have you found a new place?

    • Yes the chicken is what I bought for last night but ended up eating pizza. And yes the bubble tea is from the same place…Rob stopped and hit me some on his way home from dropping the girls off at your house.

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