Signs of fall at the cabin

We got to spend a little time at the cabin on Rob’s vacation. The leaves are starting to change and it is getting cooler. We “hiked” up Big Bald, built a fire in the fire-place, made s’mores and the girls built a huge leaf pile to jump in! We were also able to have my friend  who is starting her photography business come and take our family picture (which we have never done). Click here to see a preview!  Now here are some of my pictures…

The beginning of the walk.

Olivia showing me how a walking stick is used 🙂

Now here are some pictures of trees and flowers…

And a funny looking bug…

There will be more picture of this week once I get the pictures loaded onto my computer. So to be continued …


2 thoughts on “Signs of fall at the cabin

  1. Awesome pictures. I can’t wait for the rest of them. Your photography skills are improving… I am in awe at the pictures.

    I took a look at your “sneak-a-peak” family photos. Jenn is quite talented and I will return to her site to see more.

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