Mobile Monday

Milly sprawled out.

What I found when I went in to get Sophie this morning.

Abby is going to turn into a doughnut!

And Olivia may turn into a pop tart 🙂

Emma has poison ivy that has made her face puff up…doctor said it is not infected(thankfully)…it’s just that the face is such a sensitive area .

Paying bills.

Abby practicing piano .

Where Sophie hangs out while Abby’s plays the piano

99 more sleeps until Christmas!

Before and after grooming pictures of Milly…good job Amy.

Out to lunch with the family.

Sophie had a vet appointment.

William went to the vet with us.

Looking at old pictures. What is up with those glasses and the hair!!

We were so young.

My sister and Chuck 🙂

How does she sleep like that?

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