Farmers Market Saturday

This is the last farmers market visit ( this season) with Dave and Carolyn. They are heading back to Florida next week  😦

They have been picking us up each week.

And they have Linus & Lucy with them.

They got excited and jumped up when Dave opened his window so we had to get a few shots of their hair blowing back.

Miss O helping with Lucy.

The grapes were huge and pretty.

The band.

Pretty peppers! I’m going to make my traffic light chili this week!

I had to get a picture of this crazy looking thing…the guy called it a snake gourd.

I also bought these hats for the girls.

   Dave was going to treat us to the  weekly donuts and pretzels that we love but to our dismay they were not there this week! So he took us to Dunkin Donuts!

  The rest of the day was spent working in the kitchen so I am excited to say that I will be sharing a few new recipes soon!

                             I also would like to say… GO GATORS!!!!!

                                                       It is all about the accessories!

Sorry my Tennessee friends but I hope you still love us…we still love you 🙂


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