Mobile Monday

Morning fall weather
A drawing that Abby made.
My reading girl 🙂
Putting on a puppet play… Puppets are paper on a stick.
Slinky catastrophe averted by the most patient man I know.
Lunch in the car for the girls.
Hokie Smokie BBQ for rob and I…doesn’t look as good as it tastes.
Book return.
We surprise Amy’s mom Carolyn at The ChopHouse for her birthday …this is the girls hiding behind menus waiting for her to arrive.
Carolyn turned 70 today so we got her a balloon that said 42 (for 1942)
Emma bought crutches with her own money…
Just for fun…silly girl 🙂
Yeah Monday night football!!
And Rob got to be home to see his bengals!
Abby making blueberry muffins
Blueberry jiffy mix muffins ! Looks good.

Good night.

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3 thoughts on “Mobile Monday

  1. We saw crutches today at The Medicine Shoppe and thought of Emma. Can’t believe she already bought some…so funny!

    Great time with you guys for mom’s birthday and she loved it. Thanks again.

  2. Emma did say she hurt her knee. That gives insight to the purchase.

    Looks like Carolyn had quite the birthday!!

    Glad Rob was able to fix the slinky… Schneider from One Day at a Time… without the mustache, of course.

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