Mobile Monday

The sky as I left to go walk/run and the sky when I got home.

Thousands of birds over head!

I heart morning coffee !

The Birthday boy

Cute camera holder 🙂

Too much cake 🙂

Poor Miranda wrapped her retainer in a napkin and it got thrown out . A really nice worker came out with gloves and helped us .

Shopping with A.

Miss O loves to shuck the corn…she did 10 of them for me.

And she cleaned up.

Monday Mow

Marla brought the hash brown casserole but when we opened it this much was missing. She said that was Randy’s bite (quite the bite).

Dinner…not good for me but it was yummy.

The headband game

Rob’s dog.

E teaching Miss O to read.

Sun setting.

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2 thoughts on “Mobile Monday

  1. For the record, I was not sleeping when playing the headband game, even though it looks like it.

    Happy birthday Seth!

    The show the girls put on was awesome with all the flips. I’m glad I turned down their offer to participate. Could you imagine if I did? Ouch!

    What was that song again that Olivia sings when shucking corn?

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