Back Yard Family Fun

Playing with the dogs and fun on the trampoline!!! Enjoying the pretty evening… that’s what memories are made of!

I know that a lot of these pictures are blurry but I still like them so I shared them anyway.

They are getting to know each other.

I took this picture while laying on the trampoline.

I got some neat shots of the girls jumping…


3 thoughts on “Back Yard Family Fun

  1. Great pictures! Quality is impressive. I know you commented on the blur, but it is minimal. I’m glad you shared your memories with us.

    Great action shots of all three of the girls! But, where are the ones of you and Rob jumping on the trampoline? Kinda leaves a void… ha! I guess you make it up with the last two photos.

    The family photos at the end are priceless!

    Looking forward to your next post.

    (by the way… when are you going to post some of your awesome recipes?!!!)

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