The day I bought a pig!

Yes, you read that right; I bought a pig at the flea market yesterday!! I had a very weak moment in judgment and Abby has wanted a pig for some time now…we all got so excited. People kept coming up to us and saying, “pigs are smart, they are easily trained, they follow you around like a dog, and they are very clean animals”…and on and on!

The man who sold the pig to us said the pig would only get to 25 pounds! But when I actually did the research (which I should have done BEFORE the purchase) I found out that all potbelly pigs are considered “mini” compared to their cousin the hog!! The lightest an average potbelly pig weighs is about 120 to 150 pounds!!! I just was not prepared for this information!

Needless to say I started to second guess my rash decision. Ahhhh!!! The crazy thing is, I have a friend that has raised three pigs already. I called her and she was very encouraging and said we would love the pig… but I just could not get the size thing out of my head! To make a long story short, Jo’d said she would take the pig if it made me feel better! So we discussed it as a family and decided that it would be best for our house, mommy’s sanity, and for Billy (that’s what Abby named it) to go live with the with Jo’d and her family.  Today after church We took Billy  to Jo’ds house. The hardest part was breaking Abby’s heart 😦

So cute!

We had Billy for only a short time, but we had fun with him…here are some pictures…

They liked each other

handing him over

This will not be the last you see of Billy, the potbelly pig! Jo’d said we can visit any time and the girls are still telling people we have a pig; he just doesn’t live with us. So we will be giving updates from time to time.


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