Abby’s room makeover

Abby has been asking for her own room. I told her that I would talk about it when she turned 10 (that’s when Emma got her own room). Well, this was the year she turned ten, so it was time for me to start clearing the “junk” room…blahh!

It was even worse than this. I forgot to take a picture before I started!

So it took days! This was Emma’s nursery. We painted every triangle and square by hand.

Abby picked the colors…black, white, and hot pink! She wanted a black wall to put pictures on just like her cousin, Ellie.

We had a lot of helpers at first…by the end, it was just Rob and me. 🙂

I made my first set of curtains on my sewing machine…Abby picked the material.

I found out how important it is to have good scissors. I went out and got a pair for my next project 🙂

Instead of painting each panel of the wall behind the build-in-bookshelf, I decided to get different material and staple it to the wall.

So this is how the room turned out…except, the pictures are not up on the black wall yet.

We got this desk at IKEA. It folds down when you are not using it or you want it out of the way.


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