Mobile Monday

WOW, it has been an entire week since I have last updated my blog!  Hopefully I will do better this week with blog updates.

For now, here are my Mobile Monday pictures…

Good morning doodle 🙂

Monday mowing !

This is what I found when I came in from mowing…Abby reading to Olivia and Emma (the green lump) still sleeping !

Reading a library book .

I copied this picture from Facebook… This is Kari Schoondyke…she would have been 4 years old today 😦

Painted fingers and toes

Love when E reads to her sisters without me asking 🙂

Clean laundry that needs to be folded

Zumba instructors !! Love them! Thanks for making fitness fun Debby and Tammy!


Good Night

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One thought on “Mobile Monday

  1. You made me hungry with that photo of your dinner. Ha! Yum!

    I liked all the photos throughout the day… Especially ending with Rob.

    Great blog and love that I get your new posts via my inbox and can post comments just by replying to the email. Sweet!!!

    – Chuck

    On Aug 13, 2012, at 10:32 PM, “The Gragg’s Gre

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