Mobile Monday

Mowed the lawn this morning
Got into a fight with a broom head… Mower won!
My pink girl
A & O waiting at the window for Amy
Lunch at ocharleys with grandma Carolyn and Amy
See long time friends that have moved away at our local library 🙂

Buying new baby’s

Meet BobSalad and Miss O’s newest, DaveSalad! And yes they are both girls !

And Sarah!

Exercising!! Zumba!

Girls dinner

Some shopping for dinner for Rob and I when he gets home .

Dinner with my baby 🙂

Watching Olympics

                                                                                       Wow! That was a busy but fun day! Good night!

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4 thoughts on “Mobile Monday

  1. It was a privilege to meet Bob Salad, Dave Salad & Sarah; also Bilpuss, Caydome, Chapowie, Fashial, Salis, William, Yontz, Mirawet, & Petatree. I probably spelled them wrong for which I apologize.

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