“ku-plink, ku-plank, ku-plunk”

We went blueberry picking yesterday morning! I had to get the girls up early (before 7 am) but they really did have a good time…I did not hear one complaint the whole trip (and it was about an hour away). On our way there we passed it because the sign was not put out on the road yet…this is what we saw after we passed it and turned around…

This is the sign we saw (missed) while looking for the farm.

Good thing we had the house number because this is the only sign we saw of the farms name.

Between the four of us we picked 1 1/2 gallons! I know E and A had a good time, but Miss O was over it pretty quick. Although, she really didn’t get upset, she just asked to be done several times.

                                                  This is how much Miss O picked…the bugs and the sun bothered he eyes 😦

It was a pretty morning and the view was pretty. 

Oh and they had fake snacks in the bushes!!


4 thoughts on ““ku-plink, ku-plank, ku-plunk”

  1. This sounds like quite the fun-filled family outing. I am shocked the fake snakes received only one sentence. I expected, or anticipated, there was more to that topic. Great photos!

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